Monday, 31 August 2015

TV recap: Agent Carter season one, episode eight - Valediction

Previously on Agent Carter, the SSR finally clued in to the fact that Peggy was not a traitor, when she revealed she had a vial of Steve Rogers' blood. The evil Dr Ivchenko hypnotised Chief into stealing a deadly weapon for him, and left Chief wearing a bomb. Chief sacrificed himself, while Dr Ivchenko and Dottie tested their weapon on a cinema full of movie goers.

Monday, 24 August 2015

TV recap: Agent Carter season one, episode seven - Snafu

Previously on Agent Carter, Dr Ivchenko revealed himself, just to us, to be working for Leviathan. Meanwhile Peggy worked out that Dottie is a Russian assassin, but before she could do anything about it, she was caught by the SSR, who worked out that she's been working to her own agenda all along.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Book review: Good Hope Road by Sarita Mandanna

It would be entirely too simple to say that Sarita Mandanna's Good Hope Road is a book about the First World War and its aftermath.

Rather, it's a story about fatherhood and family, about how there are some things we never, ever get over, about how love is enduring, and about how society can let down those who sacrifice most for it.

In 1914, privileged New Englander James Stonebridge and Louisiana native Obadaiah Nelson meet when they both volunteer with the French Legion. Years later, James lives on his apple farm with his grown son Jim, who is falling in love. James is a stranger to his son, who was just a young boy when his father left for war. It is only when James decides to join the Bonus Marches in Washington that Jim slowly begins to realise there is more to his father than the dour, often drunk, uncommunicative man that he appears to be.

Good Hope Road flicks back and forth between the First World War and the present as it stands for Jim, and the narration switches between James' First World War diaries, Obadaiah's story told in the first person, and the third person present. The three different threads create a layered story, and although they may seem like they may not come together at first, Mandanna deftly weaves a spell that brings all three to a moving conclusion.

Monday, 17 August 2015

TV recap: Agent Carter season one, episode six - A Sin to Err

Previously on Agent Carter, Peggy and Thompson headed to Belarus, where Peggy proved her chops and the two discovered a training facility for female assassins. At home, Sousa discovered Peggy is the woman from the club that he's been searching for, and Dottie continued to be shady.

Monday, 10 August 2015

TV recap: Agent Carter season one, episode five - The Iron Ceiling

Previously on Agent Carter, Howard Stark returned to New York under the guise of tracking down one of his most deadly inventions. After getting Peggy on side the two fell out when Peggy discovered what Howard was actually hiding was a vial of Steve Rogers' blood. Meanwhile, Dottie revealed herself to be more than just a sweet Southern girl in the big city - she's an assassin.

Monday, 3 August 2015

TV recap: Agent Carter season one, episode four - The Blitzkrieg Button

Previously on Agent Carter, Peggy and Jarvis found Howard's stolen inventions on board a boat and called it in to the SSR. The guys of the SSR celebrated, but a little too early - on his way back to the office Agent Krzesminski was shot dead at point blank range.


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